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Why Use A Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

Your goal is to sell your home for the best possible price as quickly as possible and to make that happen, you need solid expertise from a professional real estate agent. Getting your home priced correctly is critical for drawing in prospective buyers and getting contract offers.

Free Market Analysis

When you list your home with a realtor, they will perform a detailed market analysis to determine what your home is worth. You can expect to receive comparables that help you to set a realistic price based on what other similar properties have sold for in your area over the past 6 months. You will also get access to full listing details for the homes that are currently listed for sale in your neighborhood, including how long they have been for sale and their asking

price. Based on this information you will know what your home is worth in the current market.  This complete market analysis for helping you sell your home, is provided at no cost to you.

Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Before your realtor can market your home and add it to the MLS system where it is widely available to buyers, he or she will inspect your home to determine its age, condition, selling features and problems that need to be disclosed and/or corrected. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire that details information about the overall property and community, building structure; upgrades; square footage; heating; air conditioning; items that convey,  problems with the property, taxes, homeowner’s association fees, other assessments, and any specific conditions that you want to be included in your sales contract.

Your realtor may make suggestions to make your home more attractive and appealing to buyers. Often simple things like elimination of clutter and cleanliness can make a huge difference. Other enhancements include home staging, making repairs and cosmetic improvements such as painting and new carpet. These can go a long way toward making your house look fresh, clean, and trouble-free. Small inexpensive changes such as these can sell your home – they are often associated with multiple offers at full price.

Listing and Marketing Your Home

Within your listing agreement, your realtor will suggest a sale price based on the market analysis but the ultimate pricing decision is yours. Of course, if your house is priced too high, it is likely to remain unsold for a long period of time – something that can discourage showings and offers from buyers who assume that there is something wrong with the property. Once the listing agreement is signed, your realtor will do a variety of things to market your home. Besides making it available in the MLS, they may market your home through online and offline advertisements, direct mail methods and open houses. All marketing fees are paid by the realtor regardless of whether or not you find a buyer and sell your home. At the time of closing, the realtor receives a percentage of the purchase price as their commission. There are many benefits that a professional realtor brings to you as a seller.

  • Existing relationships with investors who buy local properties.
  • Help you navigate the inspection/permit process.
  • Expertise and access to data for performing an accurate market analysis.
  • Expertise in preparing your listing agreement and contracts.
  • Partners who can help your transition to a new home.
  • Guidance in finding reliable home inspectors, home stagers and home improvement contractors.
  • Guidance through the closing process.
  • Scheduling and managing your showings and open houses.
  • Negotiating on your behalf.

Why Work with a Reputable Realtor

Selling your home quickly and for the best possible price is our goal, and we would love to share some best practices with you and show you how we will be able to help. Contact us– a Naples realtor you can trust when it comes to selling quickly and getting the best price for your home.

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